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NCB CEO/Formulator

This is why EVERY product on this site is handcrafted using the highest quality butters, oils, herbs and ingredients from nature. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality products, and that is exactly what we provide to each of our customers. We welcome you to try our products and give your skin and hair the love care and nurture that it deserves.






We are a personal care company that focuses on all-natural hair and body products. Natural Caramel Beauti was birthed as a result of my personal natural hair journey, my husbands desperate need of a conditioning facial moisturizing oil to stop razor bumps from ingrown hairs when he shaved, and our journey to health from the inside out.   

When I decided to go natural and Big Chopped, I immediately noticed that my hair was extremely dry and brittle. I couldn't find anything over the counter to erradicate the dryness and my scalp was ITCHY. As a result, I tried numerous store brought products and like most, I experienced fails and a few successes, but nothing gave  my hair the moisture that it was desperately in need of UNTIL... I started to use all natural unadulterated ingredients and immediately my hair responded positively to the all natural oils and butters. My hair was soft, moisturized, shiny, bouncy and full of life! EVERY step of my natural hair journey has taught me that my hair needs are ever evolving and it's so important to know what I am putting in and on my bod

As for my husband and his beard journey, he saw and felt results with his skin right away. He went from horrible razor bumps to soft, supple, and smooth skin! This inspired me to do my research on every butter, herb, oil, essential oil, etc to enhance the growth and health of our hair and skin care. After years of making my own hair and body products, testing and proving them with great success, I found a new love that I never knew resided within me. I became passionate about my craft and started taking classes to learn more about the products that I was using and this is how Natural Caramel Beauti (NCB) was birthed!





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